There are currently three of us in our family: my daughter, my husband and I. We

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are expecting a new member in about six months. It’s a very exciting time for all of us, but of course, there are uncertainties as to how well our daughter will respond to the arrival of a sibling after 14 years of being the only child.

There are numerous books and online articles advising parents on how to prep their child/children for the arrival of a new sibling, but most of them target parents with small children, not with teens. Thankfully, I have some personal experience in this department, and both my husband and I also talked about how we can help our daughter maintain a level of inner-security, because soon she will have to share our attention with another, and at the same time, deal with school work, growing AND help out around the family. Indeed, the arrival of a newborn is not only life-changing for my husband and I, the change is equally dramatic for our daughter! Read more…