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TVBS 2011母親節快樂 – 童顏童語官方版

Most of us will never get our five-minutes of fame on TV in our life-time. A few lucky ones, however, begin their road to fame as young as…one-year-old! That’s right! Here is my niece X’ian-X’ian and her five-minutes of fame in a video created for TVBS – Taiwan in one of their Mother’s Day Special! The video features all the adorable children of TVBS’ employees. Even though my niece wasn’t the spot-light of this video, that’s only because she was one of the youngest and was a bit camera-shy. The “frame” she was featured in was at minute 0.23.

In the video, you can see her cute Chibi Marukochan haircut and the small but characteristic lips. There are more photos of her in Hot Off the Press Photos post in case you are now curious to see just how cute she is!

I saw her last summer on my home-coming trip to Taiwan. Now I rely on the magic of technology to watch her and my nephew Leslie grow (bitter-sweet). Here is one of the magic moments! 

Enjoy watching all of the adorable children thank their moms (in Mandarin) and wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day!


Hot Off the Press Photos – Kyoto

My nephew Pei-Aan with mom + dad on their Kyoto get-away. The little one is shy with an intoxicating get-em-girls smile. He’s extremely well-behaved, thanks to his mom Maggie!  Oohhh why can’t these little people stay little!!

Maggie + Pei-Aan - what an adorable pair!

The cute little family - Cousin James on the right

Owww, Maggie, I love your ballet flats!

Hot Off the Press Photos!

Look at Xian-Xian, she is playful and full of sunny energy! She also knows a thing-or-two about getting what she wants! She’s her mommy+daddy’s little gal for sure! Her mom Ingrid shared these photos with me, I am forever grateful! Thanks Ingrid!