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Prepping My Daughter For A Sibling

There are currently three of us in our family: my daughter, my husband and I. We

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are expecting a new member in about six months. It’s a very exciting time for all of us, but of course, there are uncertainties as to how well our daughter will respond to the arrival of a sibling after 14 years of being the only child.

There are numerous books and online articles advising parents on how to prep their child/children for the arrival of a new sibling, but most of them target parents with small children, not with teens. Thankfully, I have some personal experience in this department, and both my husband and I also talked about how we can help our daughter maintain a level of inner-security, because soon she will have to share our attention with another, and at the same time, deal with school work, growing AND help out around the family. Indeed, the arrival of a newborn is not only life-changing for my husband and I, the change is equally dramatic for our daughter! Read more…


Give Me Your Cell Phone!


I confiscated my teenage daughter’s cellphone last night 

By Samantha Foster

Enough said! Read more…

Province Lands – Biking on Land’s End

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This bike trip was long overdue. For almost two months, my family’s busy schedules knew no boundary. Between music competition, heavy work-loads, home-improvement projects and a wedding, my husband and I often fantasized about a relaxing bike trip in a quiet coastal town. Well, today we finally got what we wished for. Read more…

Organic Running

April is around the corner, and the weather is finally warming up. Many New England joggers have already shed their winter cocoons and returned to the roads. Though I’ve not yet caught up with the action, this being my second year as a road-runner, I am much more prepared than the last, thanks to my persistence to stay the course throughout the winter as I reminded myself the intensity of outdoor running. Being a novice runner, there is always many things to learn and mistakes to make. As I was reflecting on my own experiences to share in this blog, I thought of four major areas I focused on which made a significant impact on the way I run. Read More

A Bad Relationship Is Like A Pair of Ill-Fitting Running Shoes

Having a bad relationship is like wearing a pair of ill-fitting running shoes.

If you a runner, you will completely understand my analogy. Besides our overall well-being, wearing good-fitting running shoes is critical to a run, which you hope that it will leave you rejuvinated, pain and injury-free. One time I wore a pair of xyz-brand sneakers (no, not Nike, never Nike) that were too snug for my bone-spur big toes, and by the end of the run, I couldn’t bend my toes, my Achilles heel felt like a Achilles-hell. It took a good bit of stretching and a day rest to get it back to normal. That was quite a damage done in just one short run. Imagine its effects if I kept those shoes, foolishly thinking that they will learn to “fit.” The same concept applies to any relationship. Read More

Working Up the Speed

Week 2

It’s the second week of my personal training regime. So far so good. Ok, I admit, most mornings I dread climbing out of bed in the darkness. I’m usually still wobbling when I attempt to put my legs through my running shorts. Each morning I feel my way down the stairs to switch on the light, only to realize how early it still is. I grab a small bite, usually 1/3 of a banana with peanut butter, fill up my water bottle, and off I go down the stairs. The whole time all these are happening, I doubt I could pull through the run.

Thankfully, I’m usually wrong. Read More

Run, Rachel, Run

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Asthma kept me inactive as a child. I vividly remembered one afternoon more than 20 years ago when all the neighboring kids crowded in our living room playing card games with my cousins, having the time of their lives, while I lay on the chair gasping for air…. After I immigrated to the U.S., I inched out of asthmatic terror, plus I had an inhaler to keep wheezing under control. Life was easier because I could breath. As I grew older, I started to notice how much I wished I could run. Watching athletes run on TV commercials and races always lifted me in some spiritual way, however indescribable that feeling may be at the time. I attempted to run, mimicked the moves of athletes, pretending I could fly. I could, however, never run longer than a stretch of a couple of houses without losing my breath. Pretty sad, I know! Read more…