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Province Lands – Biking on Land’s End

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This bike trip was long overdue. For almost two months, my family’s busy schedules knew no boundary. Between music competition, heavy work-loads, home-improvement projects and a wedding, my husband and I often fantasized about a relaxing bike trip in a quiet coastal town. Well, today we finally got what we wished for. Read more…



Growing up in Taiwan where Christmas was only celebrated by a small number of Catholic and Christian minorities, tweens and teens, I’ve only come to truly celebrate Christmas as a real family holiday after I met my husband, whose family has been celebrating this holiday for years as a way to create memories for all the cute little kids and to bond with family members. It’s been many years since the first family video was created by our brother-in-law, and we are still laughing and reminiscent over these holiday video and photo albums come each Christmas and turkey day. Read On