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Every pregnant woman is eager to talk about her pregnancy must-haves, or essentials, that help her get through the hours, days, weeks and months of labor of carrying the little life inside of her, before the actual labor takes place. Below is my first-trimester essentials that got me through perhaps the toughest period of my pregnancy:

Photo by Riki Altman1. Dried sour plums. These super salty, puckering and sweet preserved fruit saved me from more than a few gag-attacks. It’s a stable good in most Chinese homes for the past many centuries, and my home is no exception – I always carry a few on me everywhere I go.

2. J.Crew ballet flats. These soft, easy-on and easy-off flats are both adorable and functional. They hide my unsightly toes until I can get myself to get a pedicure, and I can remove them anywhere when my feet get uncomfortably warm – in the car, under my cube table, even on the train!                                                                                

By Benjamin Woody


3. My cellphone. Part of the joy of expecting is you never get bored with reading pregnancy blogs. Since I spend about ten hours a week commuting to and from work, my cellphone has since become my best train-buddy! Although these days I feel like smashing it…it’s too slow.

4. Extra-strength Tylenol. It’s not uncommon to get headaches while you’re pregnant, but while the frequency usually diminish by second-trimester because the hormones are more stabilized, mine actually intensified. As it turned out, I only have myself to blame since I re-introduced caffeine into my life… I promise to stop a couple of weeks before my due date!

5. Shin Ramen with an egg. Something about this crimson, MSG-infested semi-instant noodle appeals to me. I know, I know, instant noodle always makes the #1 what-food-to-avoid list for a pregnant woman as all of it is empty-calories and saturated with MSG. But when you are on borderline-starvation and too picky to eat anything else, you’re not going to say no to the one thing that strikes your fancy. Hey, at least I’m getting some protein from the egg!

6. Bare Essentials Primer. This velvety primer blocks oil from seeping through my pores for at least the first half of the day. For the second half of the day, I use recycled napkins as blotting paper.                                                                                                                                                                              

7. Zantac. Need I say more?




I’m now into my second-trimester, and I’ve quit eating Shin Ramen (hooray again!) and able to resume my healthy diet.

What are your pregnancy must-haves?