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This bike trip was long overdue. For almost two months, my family’s busy schedules knew no boundary. Between music competition, heavy work-loads, home-improvement projects and a wedding, my husband and I often fantasized about a relaxing bike trip in a quiet coastal town. Well, today we finally got what we wished for.

We unhurriedly packed for our biking trip and unhurriedly we left at 10 o’clock in the morning, though not before I coated three sirloin steaks with Stonewall Kitchen rub first for tonight’s Stanley Cup game between our home team, the Boston Bruins, and Vancouver Canucks.

Packing for a biking trip is now a walk-in-the-park for us, since we’ve done this countless times – water, food (usually whatever we can find in our cupboards and sometimes beef stew if I have time to cook the night before), napkins, Neutrogena SPF 75, sunglasses (to keep wind off our eyes while we bike), wind-breaker/light jacket, a fully-charged camera, cellphones and Garmin. Three bikes, three helmets, and off we go.

Off We Go
Today’s weather was more than perfect – dry, cool, breezy, deep blue sky that was almost cloudless. Mother Nature favored us today, and I couldn’t feel more content. Living in New England, any sunny day is a precious day. A sunny weekend is simply unforgettable.

Province Lands Bike Trail @ Race Point is the 3rd Cape Cod bike trail for us. We began our Cape bike journeys two years ago on the Cape Cod Canal; last year we enjoyed the Shining Sea Trail immensely. Today, we started at Race Point and ended at Herring Cove Beach. The entire journey took a little more than two hours, including resting and sight-seeing.

Trail Characteristics
The steep up-hills and equally satisfying down-hills were beautifully paved and clearly marked. There was very little traffic and the drivers were cautious with their speed on the road, careful not to frighten the bikers. However, the majority of the trail was off-road. We found that most of the bikers did not wear helmets as “P-Town” was very low-key and had far less crowd and traffic than other Cape towns we’ve been to. In other words, it was a haven for bikers who sought out tranquility while getting a little exercise!

The most distinguishing feature of P-Town bike trail was the high sand dunes. As one may find rolling hills along the roads of Nova Scotia, one may also find the rolling sand dunes along the bike trails in P-Town. All along the magnificent dunes grew an interesting mix of dwarf pine trees, shrubberies and solitary dry woods one may find in any oceanic environment (as you can tell, I am no botanist, so do pardon my lack of plant knowledge 😀 ) and blooming burrows roses in both white and pink. The roses perfumed the air along the trails, in particularly as we got closer to the water. The perfect mix of salty sea air and the sweet roses was truly intoxicating. For a moment I actually wondered if there was a sea nymph in the midst tricking our senses…

We biked into the Herring Cove Beach vicinity around the same time we got hungry.  All along the shoreline, beach-goers seemed happy with the little pieces of sandy real estates they found for themselves, and were busying with the typical beach activities: reading paper, novels, Kindles, sun-bathing and sleeping. We continued further in search of our own piece of real estate to rest our legs. It was as if it had been waiting for our arrival all along, there was an empty picnic table right ahead of us. How perfect is that! I thought. Then we did the typical beach-going/tourist thing – we photographed ourselves in front of the picnic table! We quietly ate our lunch, taking in all the scenery (and the food). It was a little bit chilly facing the open-water, which was when the wind-breaker/cardigans came in handy. We continued our journey after lunch, exploring the Herring Cove Beach (featured in slide show above).

On our return trip back to Race Point, we took a ride down Beech Forest Trail, a shady and less-hilly trail in Province Lands. The scenery contrast between the blue and sunny coastal ride in Herring Cove and the deep-green woodland tranquility in Beach Forest may make one appreciate the bike routes in Provincetown. The paved trail was free of debris and bike traffic, so despite the single bike lane for each way, you would find ample space to enjoy the ride and occasionally take your eyes off the road to enjoy the scenery.

Before long, we were back to our car again. The sun still hung in the clear blue sky. I shed my layers down to a tee, helped my hubby get the bikes onto the rack, and we drove off to explore the area before we finally headed back home. It was a nice relaxing trip, just as what we’d hoped for!

The Bonus!
There is one thing I must mention, as I found it most commendable – the bathrooms and outhouses all along the bike trails were very clean. That is uncommon for any recreational destinations – anywhere! I will most definitely consider coming back to Province Lands for the single reason that I would never have to dread about going to the lady’s room!

Additional Resources
There are numerous well-written blogs and resources out there featuring Race Point and Herring Cove Beach trails, so if you are looking for more information on these trails (and correct names for local plants), I hope you will find the following links helpful:

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