Today I ran on the ‘mill without my earphones. Not that I pay much attention to the music when I run anyway, but the only way to turn on the TV at the gym is by plugging in the earphones on the remote control. So without the company of Barefoot Contessa or Giada cooking up their sumptuous Italian meals and comforting desserts on TV, my eyes darted between my bobbing reflection on the blank screen and fellow-gymmers coming and going. 

There was an African-American man running across from me on a different machine. I couldn’t see his head, but I saw the rest of his body, and he was buffed and shiny. Mmmph… At first I didn’t think much about it. So I kept running my 5K. After a little while I got bored…and I noticed something: If I stared long enough at my own reflection on the blank TV screen and the oily tough-guy, the two images actually fitted together…so I looked like a tiny Asian woman in a super-built and dark body running on the machine! Wished I had a camera with me!!

Kind of reminded me of a buffed Barbie…