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I almost fell for those glitzy holiday decors again this past weekend.

The glittery pine cones and a full galore of jolly ol’ Santa Claus stood on the tables like shining baits dangling in my face. I fantasized about perfecting every corner of my house to look like a spread in the Martha Stewart magazine – warm, cozy, and COLOR-COORDINATED! Read On


The Conscious Effort of A Family Guy


Recently I read a fantastic post about procrastination of a writer on the blog Cordelia Calls It Quits (savvy and refreshing). Floods of responses poured in, and as I read these responses, I began to think about my personal struggles through the years as I tried my hands at different things and fell victim of my own lack of persistence. Read On…


Meet the new member of our family – Smugums!

She (or he, we’ll see) is a 6-week-old charcoal Lionhead Rabbit  my husband acquired from a local breeder (who happens to be the son of our neighborhood dry-cleaner) for our daughter. Unlike my previous rabbit, Smugums is very calm and huggable, and has aroused quite a wave of jealousy (or hunger?) in my two dogs, Dino the Atkita and Papa Smurf…I mean Twoie, the Mini Schnauzer. Read On…

Hot Off the Press Photos – Kyoto

My nephew Pei-Aan with mom + dad on their Kyoto get-away. The little one is shy with an intoxicating get-em-girls smile. He’s extremely well-behaved, thanks to his mom Maggie!  Oohhh why can’t these little people stay little!!

Maggie + Pei-Aan - what an adorable pair!

The cute little family - Cousin James on the right

Owww, Maggie, I love your ballet flats!

Hot Off the Press Photos!

Look at Xian-Xian, she is playful and full of sunny energy! She also knows a thing-or-two about getting what she wants! She’s her mommy+daddy’s little gal for sure! Her mom Ingrid shared these photos with me, I am forever grateful! Thanks Ingrid!

Over Eating

It was 3:05pm on a sunny Friday afternoon. On the other side of my 12th-floor glass window, the clouds decoratively hung  in the blue sky atop the glistening Charles. There was a slight traffic on the river this afternoon; the sailboats and rowing teams crowded the river, taking advantage of the great weather. This is what I love about the Northeast, when the sun is out, so are the crowds. Read more…