Prepping My Daughter For A Sibling

There are currently three of us in our family: my daughter, my husband and I. We

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are expecting a new member in about six months. It’s a very exciting time for all of us, but of course, there are uncertainties as to how well our daughter will respond to the arrival of a sibling after 14 years of being the only child.

There are numerous books and online articles advising parents on how to prep their child/children for the arrival of a new sibling, but most of them target parents with small children, not with teens. Thankfully, I have some personal experience in this department, and both my husband and I also talked about how we can help our daughter maintain a level of inner-security, because soon she will have to share our attention with another, and at the same time, deal with school work, growing AND help out around the family. Indeed, the arrival of a newborn is not only life-changing for my husband and I, the change is equally dramatic for our daughter! Read more…


My First-Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

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Every pregnant woman is eager to talk about her pregnancy must-haves, or essentials, that help her get through the hours, days, weeks and months of labor of carrying the little life inside of her, before the actual labor takes place. Below is my first-trimester essentials that got me through perhaps the toughest period of my pregnancy: Read more…

Baby Blues

Something’s come over me this week. It all started when I noticed I lost my interest in chatting with my family. I’m not particularly moody. In fact, I lack emotions and have an unusual ability to suppress my worries. Most of the times I have to push myself to read, to write, to play the piano, and I gave up on working out completely (I can’t even walk fast without losing my breath, let alone walking on a conveyor belt), and these were all the things I enjoyed doing. Read more…

Give Me Your Cell Phone!


I confiscated my teenage daughter’s cellphone last night 

By Samantha Foster

Enough said! Read more…

Province Lands – Biking on Land’s End

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This bike trip was long overdue. For almost two months, my family’s busy schedules knew no boundary. Between music competition, heavy work-loads, home-improvement projects and a wedding, my husband and I often fantasized about a relaxing bike trip in a quiet coastal town. Well, today we finally got what we wished for. Read more…

TVBS 2011母親節快樂 – 童顏童語官方版

Most of us will never get our five-minutes of fame on TV in our life-time. A few lucky ones, however, begin their road to fame as young as…one-year-old! That’s right! Here is my niece X’ian-X’ian and her five-minutes of fame in a video created for TVBS – Taiwan in one of their Mother’s Day Special! The video features all the adorable children of TVBS’ employees. Even though my niece wasn’t the spot-light of this video, that’s only because she was one of the youngest and was a bit camera-shy. The “frame” she was featured in was at minute 0.23.

In the video, you can see her cute Chibi Marukochan haircut and the small but characteristic lips. There are more photos of her in Hot Off the Press Photos post in case you are now curious to see just how cute she is!

I saw her last summer on my home-coming trip to Taiwan. Now I rely on the magic of technology to watch her and my nephew Leslie grow (bitter-sweet). Here is one of the magic moments! 

Enjoy watching all of the adorable children thank their moms (in Mandarin) and wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day!

Bodies, Mis-Matched


Today I ran on the ‘mill without my earphones. Not that I pay much attention to the music when I run anyway, but the only way to turn on the TV at the gym is by plugging in the earphones on the remote control. So without the company of Barefoot Contessa or Giada cooking up their sumptuous Italian meals and comforting desserts on TV, my eyes darted between my bobbing reflection on the blank screen and fellow-gymmers coming and going. 

There was an African-American man running across from me on a different machine. I couldn’t see his head, but I saw the rest of his body, and he was buffed and shiny. Mmmph… At first I didn’t think much about it. So I kept running my 5K. After a little while I got bored…and I noticed something: If I stared long enough at my own reflection on the blank TV screen and the oily tough-guy, the two images actually fitted together…so I looked like a tiny Asian woman in a super-built and dark body running on the machine! Wished I had a camera with me!!

Kind of reminded me of a buffed Barbie…